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Vicki Lieberman

What makes Vicki unique as a Career Consultant is having 25 years of experience as a Human Resources Leader. She provides an internal organizational perspective on what is necessary when hiring talented teams.

This invaluable knowledge helps those in a career transition become more effective in their search. She has been instrumental in coaching business professionals to land new employment opportunities. Each session is engaging, informational, and interactive.

From start to finish Vicki is there 100% of the time. She provides mentorship, tools, passion, and resources needed for an empowering career transition.

Vicki Lieberman, President of PEOPLE FIRST Career Consulting, LLC

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Whether you are an individual looking for a coach to help you land your next career or you are a  company representative wanting to offer career transition services when offboarding your employees in good standing, it is our goal to ease the process.


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