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Career professionals

Are you in a career transition? Or do you know of someone who is?


At People First Career Consulting we coach transitioners on taking the lead over their competition for an effective search.

Our sessions provide easy techniques to impress hiring managers. When hiring managers are impressed, they hire!

Customized coaching, is engaging, and affordable all designed for success.


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About Us

At People First Career Consulting, it is our mission to coach professionals in their career transition to get through the challenges that are often encountered. We provide engaging sessions filled with tools for success along with a skilled passionate coach to assist in getting that new employment opportunity with ease. In addition, we are successful in partnering with companies who support a strong people culture and wish to provide our services to their employees who are leaving in good standing.


Are you a business professional in a career transition?

Engaging with a coach will help enable you to impress hiring managers and expedite your search for that next opportunity.

When hiring managers are impressed they extend offers of employment.



Is your company streamlining? Or is there an employee in good standing that is not meeting expectations? 


An outplacement service for your employee(s) sets them up for an advantageous career transition and provides benefits to your organization.




We Make it Easy, Accommodate Schedules, and put Plans into Action.

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Discovery Call

Thirty minutes at no charge to assess your needs and discuss services that will be most applicable to your search.


Choose from our packages or let us create one that is even more specific to you and your needs.

Meet Virtually

Sessions are conducted via Zoom for an average of one hour weekly. Just think, you can be across the globe and have access to a coach who is most passionate about helping you with an effective job search.


Having knowledge about the employment market you are interested in is key. Especially, when the salary question is asked of you. Learn how to navigate through salary data sites that will put you in the driver's seat and bring you the compensation you deserve.


How People First Career Consulting can help you!

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What will career professionals gain from our services?

We can all use a compass at times in our lives. People First Career Consulting provides direction in interactive and engaging sessions to help you stay on course for an effective search. 

Throughout one’s life, confidence can waiver. It is important in a job search that you stay confident. Especially in an interview. Learn skills that will build strength in showcasing your talents and enlighten the hiring team.

Only 20% of jobs are advertised on boards. The other 80% are through networking. Learn subtle and welcoming techniques to connect with more people and learn about those hidden employment opportunities. 

When a company makes an offer of employment they expect some negotiating! It demonstrates knowledge, courage, and determination. Learn how to gauge what the market is paying and review the entire package. Build upon your skills to ask for what you deserve.



Special Offers Valid until
May 30, 2024

Select our 12-week program and enjoy a 15% discount through April 30, 2024.

Free Consultation

A 30-minute discovery call identifies the potential client's needs and provides an opportunity to learn more about how our consultant can help reach their goals.

Referral Incentive

A company that refers an outplacement client will receive 10% off their next package once the transitioning employee completes a full session.

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We love to share our successes!

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